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Job Description

Education Qualifications:

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop a thorough understanding of the 340B program and help to improve the overall efficiency, value, and internal support of the 340B program.
  • Continue to build knowledge of the health care and pharmacy services industry; apply that knowledge to ongoing process improvement initiatives throughout Essentia Health’s 340B universe.
  • Expand professional development through related classes and seminars, current publications, and regional/national association membership participation.
  • Assess opportunities for cost savings and system improvements to yield high functioning 340B programs.
  • Develop a thorough understanding of the split-billing/third party administrator systems, including claims qualification logic, system maintenance, and reports.
  • Be involved in all 340B program audits.
  • Assists with audit related activities including HRSA requests and responses.
  • Perform audits on a scheduled basis across all areas of Essentia Health’s 340B programs; includes presenting compliance issues to 340B leadership and assisting with resolving compliance issues as they arise during the monitoring and auditing process.
  • Evaluates patient eligibility for qualified and non-qualified patients in hospital-based mixed-use areas and clinics by reviewing patient medical records, insurance plans, and hospital status
  • Review 340B program policies and workflows on an ongoing basis and suggest changes to ensure 340B compliance.
  • Assist with ensuring qualified locations maintain adherence to 340B program policies.
  • Reviews staff workflows for 340B compliance gaps and optimization.
  • Assists with development and maintenance of Covered Entities’ 340B policies to ensure compliance with organizational, state, and federal requirements and guidelines.
  • Monitors and assesses 340B guidance and/or rule changes, including, but not limited to, HRSA/OPA, and state Medicaid.
  • Maintains relationships, billing services, and compliance with contracted 340B pharmacy PSAs.
  • Monitor, report, and analyze contract pharmacy 340B activities; make recommendations that would improve efficiency.
  • Responsible for assisting with annual HRSA recertification, ensuring HRSA/OPAIS database accuracy for all organization entities, and registration of any new child sites
  • Assists in developing and providing tools necessary for facilitating a high functioning 340B program.
  • Develop and provide 340B department reports to educate staff, assist management in tracking the overall financial impact to the organization, and as appropriate, to monitor and improve 340B program compliance and performance.
  • Assist with evaluating and implementing cost savings opportunities.
  • Complete monthly and annual 340B reports; clearly documenting utilization, savings, problem areas and exceptions or discrepancies. Communicate results to 340B leadership.
  • Maintain internal relationships (accounting, legal, pharmacy, IS) and external relationships (wholesalers, manufacturers, contract pharmacies, split-billing software vendors, and third-party administrator vendors) as needed
  • Monitor inventory reports and communicate results as appropriate to ensure that frontline staff workflows are followed
  • Acts as the liaison when necessary affiliated departments to ensure 340B program integrity.
  • Provide proactive education to staff on policies and procedures related to inventory management and 340B procedures.
  • Provide each buyer with information needed to place orders using the appropriate accounts (e.g., WAC, GPO, and 340B and non-340B) to replenish inventory in the mixed-use inventory setting.
  • Other duties as assigned

Educational Requirements:

  • Bachelor's Degree in IT, Business, or other related field

Required Qualifications:

  • 1 year of experience in healthcare finance, pharmacy operations, data analysis or equivalent area
  • 340B experience preferred. Proficiency in MS Office applications including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Teams

Job Description:

The 340B Analyst is a remote position that reports to the Pharmacy Business Services Director. As a member of the 340B Team the 340B Analyst assists with providing ongoing 340B program oversight and compliance. The 340B Analyst performs internal regulatory compliance audits, analyzes and interprets data to identify cost and clinical opportunities, creates reports, develops and maintains policies and procedures in accordance with the 340B program and provides education to other employees as appropriate.

Licensure/Certification Qualifications:

Certification/Licensure Requirements:
  • ACE Completion or completed within 1 year of date of hire
Job Location: Essentia Health Superior Belknap Pharmacy
Shift Rotation: Day Rotation (United States of America)
Shift Start/End: M-F 8:00AM CT/M-F 5:00PM CT
Hours Per Pay Period: 80
Compensation Range: $52062 - $78104 / year
FTE: 1
Call Obligations:
Sign On Bonus:

Job Details

Job Title 340B Analyst
Position Type Full Time
Requisition ID R059013
Location Superior, Wisconsin, 54880
Career Area Pharmacy